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sabato 18 novembre 2017

☆ COVER REVEAL ☆ Unfinished business di Savannah Maris

Unfinished Business

Cover Design: MadHat Books
Release Date: December 6, 2017


Evan Riverton was an ATF agent sidelined from a case. Ever since his high school girlfriend betrayed him, he had steered clear of commitment and enjoyed sex with no romantic ties. Until, that is, he met a beautiful redhead. 

Ginger Monroe was a freelance writer visiting a friend in town. She’d been burned by love but enjoyed the occasional fling. She was looking for an escape the day she drove onto Riverton Ranch. But then her green eyes met some blue ones. 

Although Masterson Investments had been run out of town, it appeared the illicit company left behind some unfinished business. Or was there a new player in town? Riverton Crossing was in the crosshairs of intrigue once again, with a stalker, a dead body, counterfeit currency, and blackmail. This once sleepy southern town had turned into a haven for criminal activity. 

Who was the stalker after, Evan or Ginger? Was the dead body a result of suicide or murder? Where was the counterfeit currency coming from? Who was blackmailing whom? Were they all related? These were the questions that needed to be answered, and Evan Riverton was just the man for the job.   





One of Five ARC's for Unfinished Business

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Unwelcomed Greeting by Savannah Maris


About the Author

Savannah Maris is a southern gal and hopeless romantic.  She is passionate about writing stories that incorporate southern charm.  She grew up on a farm in a small town with a love of sports, dance, and music which will all show up somewhere in her books.  When she’s not writing, she and her husband are attending a sporting event, travelling, or working.     

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